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The CLP Regulation

June 4th 2015

European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures came into force on 20 January 2009 in all EU Member States, including the UK. It is known by its abbreviated form, ‘the CLP Regulation’ or just plain ‘CLP’.

The CLP Regulation adopts the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System on the classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) across all European Union countries, including the UK.

As GHS is a voluntary agreement rather than a law, it has to be adopted through a suitable national or regional legal mechanism to ensure it becomes legally binding. That’s what the CLP Regulation does.

As GHS was heavily influenced by the old EU system, the CLP Regulation is very similar in many ways. The duties on suppliers are broadly the same: classification, labelling and packaging.

The existing legislation on classification, labelling and packaging has been agreed at European Union level and, from June 2015, will be directly applied on all EU member states, including the UK, gradually phasing out the existing orange and black labels.

Old Labels

ExplosiveHighly FlammableOxidising Toxic Corrosive Dangerous for the environment Harmful / Irritant

These symbols are being replaced by the new GHS labels because of the recent law change. The new symbols, called pictograms, show similar images just a slightly different shape and colour.

New Labels

GHS ExplosiveGHS FlammableGHS Oxidising GHS Toxic GHS Corrosive GHS Dangerous for the environment GHS Harmful / Irritant

A couple of new pictograms have also been introduced:

GHS Hazard to health

This pictogram reflects serious longer term health hazards such as carcinogenicity and respiratory sensitisation.

GHS Contains gas under pressure

This pictogram means "Contains gas under pressure".

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Find Machine Faults Before It's to Late 

July 31st 2014

The 9080 is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration meter that records, analyzes and displays vibration signals at the push of a button. Identify the vibration problem: unbalance, misalignment or looseness; in addition to the bearing condition. VibTrend standard software gives you greater ease of use and flexibility. Windows 7™ compatible.
Store analyze and report on all your vibration parameters in one  place;
  up to 10 assets with 10 readings per asset standard; unlimited assets
  with 10 readings per asset with optional A9084 VibTrend Pro software.
• All information is just a click away. Color coded alarms highlight problems.
  Trend lines show problems before they happen.
Overall machine and bearing conditions: vibration values are displayed with color coded alarm levels for ISO values and Bearing Damage (BOU).
Identify complex issues: 800-line spectrum with zoom and cursor.
 9080 Display 1
Identify the vibration problem: unbalance, misalignment or looseness in addition to the bearing condition
• Find machine faults before they
  stop your machine
9080 Display 2
• Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs
• Industry approved ear defenders with built-in Bluetooth headphones are
  also available to let you listen to the bearing noise - or even listen to your


Cost - £990 +VAT 
9080 Smart meter
      TPI Model 9080 with BootTPI Model 9080 with Boot and A9082TPI Model 9080 with A90129080K2 Kit

Interesting features about the IMO i3 Range:

July 1st 2014


IMO's i3 controller offers a unique solution since it is both a PLC and HMI combined in one device. It is also, small, very powerful and has many unique connectivity features. One such feature is the GRPS modem option, which is ideal for applications where the controller is somewhere out in the field.

Remote monitoring, control and programming of devices can reduce service visits required and allow first class customer service to provided to end customers. It minimizes downtime, maximises productivity and reduces servicing costs by allowing the possibility of fault diagnosis without visiting site.

Many specialist vehicles contain a variety of high tech equipment and software. These system are often produced by several suppliers, therefore having a variety of different interfaces. The i3 solves this problem by providing the user with a single interface runing on a touch screen PC.

Remote monitoring, control and programming have previously been restrictive due to legacy devices only providing serial communications. Imagine being able to programme these devices from your office miles from their location on the factory floor! In fact the devices could be anywhere in the world.

 i3 Intergrated Controller provides the ultimate integrated solution for Process & Automation Control.

 IMO's new i3 controller reduces equipment costs, and the time for integrating discrete PLC and HMI combinations, by the simple means of combining both functions, as well as open bus communications, all in a single, easy to mount unit. Available with a combination of Digital and Analogue I/O - including Remote I/O - and Integrated Thermocouple and PT100 inputs, the i3 controller is ideal for both process control and factory automation applications, especially as it is backed by IMO's unique 3-year warranty.

 Although, measuring just 91.63mm2 by 57.5mm deep, the i3 nevertheless packs in levels of functionality that makes the unit the most flexible and cost effective in its class. In addition to digital and analogue I/O, and inegral HMI, the i3 integrates advanced controls such as PID, for process control, PWM, for stepper motor control, GSM modem or Ethernet, Recipe, Alarm, Timer, micro SD and High Speed Counter functions, all of which are supported by FREE Software, in a package that is covered by IMO's unique 3-year warranty.

 This high level of functionality removes any need to compromise in the three operational areas: display, control and communication, provided by the i3. The HMI capability integrates a 128 x 64 LCD display featuring programmable IP65 (NEMA4) function keys, or high contrast Touch Screen 160 x 128 LCD and 4 programmable function keys: both providing high level graphics and text capabilities. In addition, the control capabilities provided by the units standard Analogue (4 Inputs, 2 Outputs) and Digital (24 Inputs, 16 Outputs) I/O are expandable by interfacing to IMO iOS remote I/O modules. This facility provides extended control capabilities and delivers greater flexibility in system design.

 In the area of communications too, the i3 is fully featured, offering widley used Ethernet communications, and the facility for two multi-function serial communications ports that can be used for programming, expansion I/O, and ancillary devices such as printers. Finally, there is an optional GSM modem or Ethernet Port for higher-level communications with servers or PC's. Functions of the modem include networking via Ethernet and remote data collection via GPRS, as well as SMS messages, making the i3 a powerful alarm monitor for unmanned outstations.

 In addition to its extensive control, monitoring and communication capabilities, the i3 offers the benefit of reduced installation time, as a result of its unique case design. This allows either panel (IP65) or DIN rail mounting, facilities that give users the ultimate in flexibility, both in mounting and positioning of the controller.

 The i3 conforms to CE, UL and c-UL international standards. It is supported by the full range of IMO's i3 products and also by accessories such as Sensors, Switches, Enlosures, Drives, Intelligent Terminals, Motor Control Gear and many more.

i3B control stationi3D
i3A Control station 

 Yamaha Robotics UK Distributors

June 16th 2014

Forward 2000 (Oxon) Ltd established 1999 have been appointed as UK distributor of the Yamaha Robot range of automated products, slides and drives.
The Yamaha collection has hundreds of models and sizes to choose from ranging from one to eight axis assembled units with payload capacities up to 50kg. Such a vast range means that there is probably a unit and controller just right for your application without compromising your machine configuration. They feature AC servo motor drive and absolute encoder positioning for ease of installation and reliability in production environments. Some are available to clean room standards.

 This extensive range of linear actuators, servo/stepper drives and integrated system technology has been bolted on to Forward 2000’s existing portfolio of automation products. These partnerships include Festo, SMC, IMO and now with Yamaha we can offer a single source solution for all industrial automation applications.
Our fully integrated partnerships allow access to expertise and the support you require to guide you through your automation requirements thus allowing system Integration with comprehensive support to guide you the customer from Concept to completion.

Yamaha Robotics UK Online 



The Expansion of Our Pneumatics Division

January 28th 2014

Forward 2000 (Oxford) is pleased to announce the expansion of our Pneumatics Division with the recent appointment of Andy Hutchings, our Pneumatics and fluid Power specialist. Andy joins us after 25 years in the pneumatics manufacturing industry where he has been involved in all aspects of application sales and systems. This addition to the team has not only enabled us to strengthen and support our offer to industry but also offer extra services including:

             -Pneumatic design
             -Pneumatic panel building
             -Pneumatic solutions
             -Air compressor installation and servicing
             -Factory and workshop air line installation

Should you require any advice or assistance on any Pneumatic or Fluid Power application, please contact us - we are here to help.


Andy Hutchings


Tel: 01865 736666



Tel: 01865 736666

Festo Premier Stockist of the Year

May 29th 2013

Festo Premier Stockist of the YearOxford-based Forward 2000 (Oxon) has won the prestigious Festo ‘Premier Stockist of the Year’ award for outstanding performance in 2012.  The award is presented to the company within the Festo Premier Stockist network that shows the best sales growth of Festo products for the year, combined with demonstrable gains in operational efficiency – evidenced by over 90% usage of the Festo on-line shop – and the highest level of commitment to strategic campaigns.

 The award was presented to Dave Watton, Sales Director, and Graham Breakspear, Managing Director, of Forward 2000, by Stuart Gittins, Festo’s Indirect Sales Manager.

 “This award complements an exceptional year with Festo and highlights the hard work, commitment to technology and excellence within the Forward 2000 sales force”, says Dave Watton.  “We are very pleased to have won the prestigious title of Premier Stockist for the first time.”

 Watton points out that the award is the result of a collaborative effort: “We have always worked in partnership with Festo, taking many of our customers to Festo HQ in Northampton to discuss projects in detail, or to participate in Festo training courses.  Our success is built on providing fast, cost-effective and knowledgeable service alongside efficient local distribution.  I would like to thank everyone within Forward 2000 for their hard work throughout 2012 and Festo for its support and high level of service.”

 According to Festo’s Stuart Gittins, “Forward 2000 has demonstrated excellence in product campaigns, promotional activity, training commitment and process efficiency.  It returned the best year-on-year growth of its Festo portfolio, principally by providing an exceptional level of service to its customers in Oxford the and surrounding areas.”

 “The company also operates a highly professional and service-oriented business, meeting its customers' needs”, adds Gittins. “Forward 2000 has established an enviable reputation with many leading industrial companies in the field.”

 The level of service provided by all Festo Premier Stockists aims to be exemplary; only companies that meet specific Festo-defined standards are granted the title.  In particular, each stockist must operate in accordance with the ISO 9002 standard, carry guaranteed stock levels, and offer fully-trained technical support personnel and competent trade counter services.  Each stockist has direct access to over £35 million worth of stock held at Festo's European Customer Services Centre in Germany, enabling them to offer customers next-day delivery of virtually any pneumatic component, from a range of over 23,000 products.